Evening of Remembrance

Candle lighting at the 2023 Evening of Remembrance 

South West District Palliative Care hosts and Evening of Remembrance yearly prior to the holiday season.  The holiday season is difficult for those who have lost a loved one.  This gathering is where members of the community who have lost a loved one can get tips on how to make it through the holiday season with their loved one who passed. 

You are invited to join us for an evening of remembrance for loved ones we have lost. 

December 1, 2024


Something Beautiful 

307 Main Street, Stonewall MB



SWDPC has been hosting an Evening of Remembrance for many years.  The Evening of Remembrance originally had a memory tree set up and those who attended the evening would bring a personal ornament and place it on the memory tree.  We ended up with so many precious ornaments that it was not possible to place them all on the tree.  Each year we select some personal ornaments to decorate the tree and then have community members place a paper Dove ornament on the tree so there is room for everyone’s memory of a loved one lost.

2023 Evening of Remembrance Gallery

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